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  • Source Materials

    • Internet Talk Radio-- This site has lots of stories in several audio formats.
    • PBS Online -- PBS offers many audio links to programs such as the Online Newshour. Text materials, including lessan plans for using PBS video, are also available.
    • Audio On-Demand -- A RealAudio site. Listen to radio news programs from around the world, in English and other languages.
    • Welcome to NPR -- National Public Radio. These programs are excellent sources for a variety of interesting topics. Archives and current shows of All Things Considered and Morning Edition, as well as many others.
    •  MSU Vincent Voice Library -- The Michigan State University Vincent Voice Libratry is the largest academic voice library in the nation.Online are lots of sample speeches from famous orators. Sound files are in .au and MPEG format.
    • Timecast: Your RealMedia Guide -- A guide to RealAudio and RealVideo sites. This site includes: live broadcasts of music and news, radio stations from around the world, archived news programs, live concerts, etc . . . . In other words, everything.
    •'s Screening room -- Watch clips and trailers from recent movies.
    • CSPAN -- Watch C-SPAN live or watch some archived C-SPAN programs. If your students are political buffs, they'll enjoy this site.
    • Presentations and Public Speaking for EFL-ESL students
  • ESL Listening Links

    • BBC English Radio - English language teaching The BBC English Radio home page. Look at Words, Words, Words, a weekly column with advice on the language of the news (with RealAudio). This site also has information on BBC radio programmes and frequencies.
    • Global Views -- Interviews with ESL students in Okanagan College, Canada. (Shockwave). These students have posted their opinions and ideas in text and audio. A great place to learn about other ESL students.
    • Interactive Listening Comprehension Page Index -- An exellent interactive listening site. It uses RealAudio archives of National Public Radio Programs and includes Javascript comprehension exercises.
    • ESL Homepage Listening Activities -- Another .au format site. This site contains four listening hypertextual activities. There are no comprehension activities, but maybe you can create your own.
    • Working in English -- Lots of sample listening activities. Audio files are in .au format. Illustrations and text are included, but there are no comprehension activities.
    • English Pronunciation -- The people who created Takako's Great Adventure and Global Views have also created these sound discrimination exercises. Activities include QuickTime videos demonstrating correct pronunctiation, tongue twister activities, minimal pairs, and dictation. If you have a Mac and a microphone, you can even download their net phone software and speak to native English speakers live.
    • Accents in English-EVIEWS!

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